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Dental PAG - Official Distributor

Specialised company selling PAG products : quality and reliabilty are our values. 


PAG or Preparation Assisted by Guides are a revolution in the dentistry area. The burs and protocols answer to  strict specifications. With them, you are able to make a preparation perfectly adapted to the mechanical behavior of the natural tooth while respecting her function and aesthetic. 

The strike respect of those protocols reduces impressively curve of training in PAG.


Dr Jacques Raynal, in collaboration with the company NTI, imagined this concept. NTI is the only possessor of the « unimatrix » diamantation technology, able to offer us rotary instruments of very high precision. Ideal for preparation intended in CFAO but also for classical techniques, they produce a perfectly controlled reduction.

Each bur has one role, preparing the work of the next one. The combination of our 15 burs guarantee you  simple, efficient and reproductible preparations.