Pack polishers for hybrid ceramic

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Ths pack is made to realise in circa 5 minutes, the polishing of your hybrid ceramic pieces such as enamic or cerasmart for example.

A quick overview is send iwth each order of this pack. 

Included in the pack : 

- AllCeramicSuperMax laboratory polisher to eliminate the residual usinated spur of your ceramic piece.

Diameter : 50 mm   Granulometry : medium

P3043 laboratory polisher finish the surface of your ceramic piece.

Diameter : 14,5 mm   Granulometry : glazing

PCH01 Laboratory polisher for prepolishing and polishing of you hybrid ceramic piece.

Diameter : 10mm   Granulometry : fine

PP03 Laboraory polisher to obtain a high shiny "mirror" effect. 

Diameter : 22mm

  • Manufacturer : NTI